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Professional free image banks Free online image banks

In the following article you will find information on where to purchase content such as royalty-free free photos, icons and vectors, as well as professional online copywriters.

🖼 What are online Image Banks and why do we love them?

Surely you will be thinking, is it serious? Isn’t it enough with the images offered by search engines? The answer is no.

If you wish to create a professional web page or blog you can use the images offered by search engines from time to time, but these will never be enough, apart from that the images offered by the platforms are much more professional since they tend to be taken by professional or amateur photographers.

Therefore, we recommend that you spend a while on these pages that I have linked to you, they also offer you image and video optimization services, image banks can be both paid and free, depending on your budget you can choose between any of the two options.

Pixabay Among the most famous free image banks we have Pixabay, this platform brings together all the images taken by professional photographers, amateurs or great photo lovers so we can choose the ideal photos for our blog or website, currently has a bank of millions of images, all these images Pixabay publishes them under its license making sure to use the images without author’s permission and completely free of charge.

Freepik is a very famous free image bank just like Pixabay, however, this platform leads the Spanish image platform network. Founded in 2010, this platform has been bringing articles for your website for approximately 7 years. It offers you finely edited illustrations and cared for by your graphic designers along with high quality graphic resources, currently has 30 million active users in its image network.

free online photosPicjumbo is a blog platform created to give you access to millions of high quality and good edition photos that can be freely usable without any payment for your own use or use for your company, it offers you free images with the condition that no They can be sold.

Free image banks Open Photo is a free and openly reusable image bank. However, it forces us to mention the name of the author who has taken the photo, this action can be done in a simple way, you just have to copy or paste the link contained under the image you want, which says the profile data of the author of the photo on the Open Photo page.

Fiverr is a work and other payment platform, among them it has image galleries, mp3 files, translation services and everything that has to do with advertising and SEO optimization of your website. In its image bank they offer you the categories of logo designs, work cards, illustration, cartoons, posters, flyers, web design, shirts, 3D models and even invitations. All these options worked by their own Freelancers and you can opt for each one for a small payment.

Powtoon is a platform specialized in videos for your blog or page allowing you to create the animations you want with different templates that it offers, at the beginning we can create an account for free, depending on the type of professional plan that you want you will have different costs, also you It offers tutorials to learn how to make videos and a help panel for users.

free icons onlineShutterstock is a highly professional image bank, specialized in high quality images, videos and music, that is, it provides you with outstanding multimedia content. The content offered by Shutterstock does not require monthly payments, but it is not free, that is, we will only have to pay once for the multimedia content that we will use, once paid we can use it wherever and whenever we want.

free photos onlineTwenty20 is an online image bank that offers us professional and quality images, photographers publish the photos they take of landscapes, places, people among other things that we need for our blog and Twenty20 is responsible for selling them, that is Twenty20 acts as a kind of Amazon, it is a platform that communicates to the seller with the buyer managing all the necessary permits for the purchase, generally Twenty20 works with Instagram users.

imagenes onlineDepositPhotos is a web platform that offers images taken by professionals and lovers of photography with high artistic quality, offers an economic plan of $ 9.99 per month to be able to have all its multimedia files, in addition to that it also offers you videos or Rigid in HD so that you can mount on your website, it works in a similar way to Twenty20 only that in this platform you must pay is by monthly payment and not by photo.

Snapwire is a web platform that became a mobile application that offers you high-quality images so you can improve the marketing of your website, the photos are taken by photo enthusiasts and what this platform does is to communicate the buyer with the author of the photographs to improve the experience.

👌 What are royalty-free images?

The images without copyright or royalty-free are those that we can use without mentioning the author, this is the main difference between free and copyright-free images.

🎁 Free images without copyright and royalty-free.

Among the options of free image banks you have several options, however, we will mention the most famous ones:

16 free image banks

Although you think that image payment platforms do not work, these are extremely beneficial for your website since they allow you to mount images that nobody has easy access because they require a payment, normally you must pay a subscription to these pages to access To your images.

📌 Tips that you should take into account with the images of the Blog:

If you are thinking of starting to mount images right now, among the Tips that you must take into account when mounting the images to your website, you have the following:

Investigate well about the formats of the images: all the images are included in formats that are a kind of algorithms that help you to interpret the design of the image, however, if you want to mount the ideal image you must know the types of formats that you can use, between the formats you have the JPG, the PNG and the GIF format.
Investigate about the resolution of the images: as your images have a better resolution, more professionals will be able to see each other and they will understand each other more, however, with higher resolution your blog will slow down unfortunately, since you will be adding a lot of weight to your page, In conclusion, you must establish a balance between the resolution of your images and the weight it costs to mount them, we recommend images between 600 and 800 pixels and Lazy Load.
Use images to motivate your users: the images that you are going to mount when creating a blog should be striking and consistent with the articles you write, remember that a good atmosphere stimulates trust between your users and captures more attention
Optimize the images of your web page: with optimizing the images of your web page we not only refer to reduce the dimensions of them, but also to apply algorithms specialized in optimization and choose the appropriate format of your images, in addition to saving the JPG in “progressive”
Can I hire someone to write content on my blog?
It is not recommended, but of course you can.

This question will surely have been asked at some time, since you will not always be able to write articles for your blog for reasons of time, so, I bring you the solution to your problems, this is to pay a web content generator to write you Interesting articles for your website.

The prices you will have to pay to generate content on your page are very varied, however, they range from € 1 to € 20, all depending on the number of words you need.

Currently in the market you will find several companies that generate web content and even the so-called “Freelancers” who write web articles without the need for an intermediary.

Then I provide the 3 companies with which I have worked for my clients projects and that have worked well for me.

Let’s talk about Lowpost

Lowpost is a company dedicated to the creation of web content, created in March 2013. This company has been in the market for approximately 4 years, currently has more than 40 employees and many freelancers in charge of complying with your requirements regarding copywriting, Among the services offered, we have:

Post writing service: a writing service written by specialists in the field for your blog, writing articles of up to 5,000 words positioning your page in the SEO (search engine optimization).
Content production service: if you have finished content to post on your website Lowpost has a theme production service according to your website based on your own preferences and SEO preferences.
Descriptive writing service: when you have to promote a product on your page and you don’t know how to do it, you can go to this option, lowpost writes you the description of your estro product so that you find it attractive.
Service of writing for ebooks: if what you are looking for is quality content for the ebook, this service offers you this option with the necessary specifications that allow you to create the ideal article.
Social network publications service: you can request content to publish on the social networks of your page for a small cost at lowpost, taking care of the specifications you request.
Currently Lowpost has two types of account for people interested in their services, these are the following:

Customer accounts: if you want to hire lowpost to write your company’s articles, you must subscribe here, for a reduced cost you can hire these services, however, the services vary in price.
Accounts for editors: if instead you want to make money writing articles for companies you can subscribe here, you just have to present a proof of writing to the page to see if you are qualified to be a “Freelancer” of the page.

Let’s talk about Publisuites

Publisuites is a company that is dedicated to the creation of content for your website, founded in 2014. This company has been in the market for approximately 3 years, currently has a vast team of “Freelancers” that will help you in the writing of the Articles from your website. Among the services they offer you we have:

Content creation: if you need web content for your company, Publisuites is responsible for helping you with 2,982 editors specialized in various topics with high quality texts.
Diffusion in press and blog: you can have content on your website, however, if you need publicity to disseminate this content Publisuites can also help you solve these small advertising problems on your page with approximately 4,916 blogs and 315 media press for advertising.
Influencers: an influencer will be the person who mentions your website in their social networks so that all their contacts find out about the existence of your page, Publisuites currently has more than 1,957 influencers with a reach of more than 76,962,662 million of people all over the world.
Publisuites currently has two types of accounts for people interested in hiring them, these are:

Accounts for brands, companies and agencies: you can buy quality content, advertising on social networks such as blogs and press for your company for only a small monthly cost.
Accounts for Blogger, press and influencers: with this account you can subscribe to be able to make money writing articles, sponsoring in your blog social networks or even in your own media.

Let’s talk about is a company dedicated to the writing of 100% original and high quality web content, founded in 2011 this company has been in the market for approximately 6 years, has a few group of “Freelancers” that are 100% professional at work, specialized in your comfort. Among the various things it offers you are the following:

Content writing for your website.
Writing description of your products to advertise.
Review and correction of web texts.
Article content translation
Content writing for your blog.
In addition to that, they offer various plans for people interested in hiring their services, among those are:

Services for blogs or news portal: if you have a blog or news portal this plan is ideal, it offers you 100% original publications for various prices, the price varies according to the number of words your articles need and the delivery time.
Content writing services for websites: if you have a web page this plan is ideal, prices vary according to the number of words that your web page articles need, it also offers SEO optimization with a delivery time between 2 to 3 days
Services for virtual stores: if you have a virtual store, this plan is the ideal one, it offers you for several costs the detailed description of the items that you have for sale with a delivery time of 2 to 3 days per article.

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