This is how you can hide the information of your WhatsApp chats from prying eyes

This is an extension that adds an extra layer of security to WhatsApp before prying eyes.

So you can hide the information of your WhatsApp chats from prying eyes
WhatsApp Web has become an essential tool on the desktop, and even in work environments. But it has a problem: when used generally on large screens, it leaves a lot of information uncovered, since unlike the mobile in which content is almost exclusive to our eyes, the WhatsApp Web interface magnifies all the elements of the chats.

Although officially there is no way to provide the WhatsApp web version with greater privacy options, the truth is that there is always a developer who comes quickly and quickly to solve these problems. And it is that thanks to browser extensions such as Privacy Extension For WhatsApp Web we can provide our chats on the desktop with an extra layer of privacy that will take you away from prying eyes in a very simple way.

What this extension does is to superimpose a layer that hides all the content of our WhatsApp Web so that it can only be revealed if we put the mouse over it. And when we say everything, it’s everything: the list of chats, the names, the profile images, the contents of the chats … all customizable in the extension options:

Privacy Extension For WhatsApp Web does not require any login or data transfer, it only modifies the CSS of the web version of the messaging service, so using it does not imply any risk to our privacy. The extension is completely free and can be used in Google Chrome.

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