How to make a Curriculum Vitae? Includes Sample Templates

Your resume is decisive when applying for a job. It is the starting point for a career that can dictate the direction of your life from that moment. That is why creating a curriculum is a huge challenge and I want to help you overcome it by far.

Whether you are a student who enters the labor market, or maybe you just want to renew your CV, whatever it is in this post I will help you get the perfect curriculum without getting frustrated in the attempt.

BONUS: In this post you will find downloadable templates, link to a resume generator, refillable models, and the most important ones (tips, advices and warnings) Because the design must be beautiful, but the content will be essential. 🧐

🎯 How to make a CV to be a success in 2019?

Many of us ask the same thing, is that when we see each of the thousands of formats and ways of doing a Curriculum Vitae we think that everything is already said on the subject. Something so far from reality, although it is true that there are thousands of formats, not many know how to use them for the right occasion.

A CV must have a Personal Brand style and above all be original, but still be formal. If you are a designer you may want to show an outstanding design in your presentation, if you are a copywriter you will want to show a super fun story to get out of the simple name and position you have played. Whatever your option we have something for you in this very interesting section.
You should always keep in mind the main objective to prepare your Curriculum Vitae, which is to obtain a job interview.

Aspects to consider before preparing a professional and modern Curriculum Vitae.

The first step is to identify what you highlight most, referring to that phrase of the Greek aphorism “Know yourself.”
Something indispensable is to be minimalist, a Curriculum Vitae must have only 1 page. You must give the staff that reviews your CV the correct impression on a single sheet, something short, hence the importance of knowing you well.
Specify what you have done in each occupied position, the missions and the tasks performed. This will make clear the skills you have and what you have done in recent years.
Be honest, nothing falls worse than cheating on the first day. Be honest with yourself and with the company this will avoid misunderstandings, wasted time and money.
Measure your abilities and overcome yourself, if you do not achieve all the skills required for the position do not be discouraged, keep trying and improve every day.
If you have any website, do not hesitate to put it in your CV, it will undoubtedly be an additional bonus to highlight your professionalism.
It is very common if you master several languages, submit your CV in any of these, provided that the vacancy requires some experience in them.
Let’s know some of the types of curriculum vitae that we will handle

There are several types of CV, and yes, depending on your profile or professional objective, the presentation and design to be shown is different.

➕ 3 types of Curriculum Vitae

Chronological: It is based on organizing our information on a specific specialization chronologically, from the oldest achievements to the most recent. In this way we managed to observe the evolution of that person in their professional space.

Functional: This CV model is characterized by paying much more attention to the abilities, skills or abilities that a person possesses, above their academic training

Mixed: This Format is based on the union of both criteria, both chronological curriculum vitae and the functional curriculum vitae. Taking from them the most outstanding features.
Now we will proceed to the elaboration of our CV, you will learn the data to take into account in each of them and the way in which you should translate them. Many times words will be our best ally, we just have to know how to use them. Let’s go to it.

👣 Steps to make a Curriculum that stands out

We already know what types of CVs exist and we have the previous guidelines to prepare them. With this we already understand what we should do, we already know ourselves and we also know the types of CV.

Personal data: Name and surname, Identification, place and date of birth, personal address, contact telephone number, email address.
Academic training: Studies carried out, indicating dates, center, and place where they have been carried out.
Complementary training: Studies and seminars that extend and complement your formal training, indicating the dates, the center and the place where they were carried out.
Professional Experience: Contracts, agreements and collaborations. Work experience carried out including study practices or that may be of interest to the company that wishes to hire you. Do not forget to indicate the dates, the company where you worked and the functions and tasks carried out.
Languages: In this section I will mention the languages ​​you know and your level. If you obtained a recognized degree, such as the ‘First Certificate’ in English, which accredits your knowledge in these areas, indicate it.
Computer science: Indicate the computer skills you have: operating systems, word processors, spreadsheets, databases, graphic design, internet, etc. Other Interesting Data: In this last section, point out all those aspects that have not yet been included. , such as: Driving license, availability, etc.
When writing your presentation, remember that: if you want to make a good Curriculum Vitae, you must emphasize competencies and differentiating factors, you should highlight in this first approach with what your future job can be. Without a doubt, the CV is the first thing to achieve it, although it is not essential you must have it and it must be professional.

One question that many asked ourselves once and that many are asked daily is How to prepare my CV if I do not have work experience? Then do not bulk to be able to fill the CV, it is the biggest mistake and for which Human Resources employees discard many of them many times without reading them. This is because they do not want people who are not honest in the company or would like someone a little mature.

When this is the case, we must carry out the same steps of preparing the CV, except for some specific differences such as: emphasize what we do best, present yourself in a fun way, place the information of online courses that you have taken in the last 4 months or some face-to-face; If you have not finished university, you must place the year you are taking, emphasizing mastery of a specific subject.

Remember, the Curriculum is important but more important is the attitude and support that you give with your work at the time of the formal presentation or trial period, that will always be the Best CV to offer.

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