How to turn your Instagram into an impressive web gallery

There are tools to extract the content from Instagram, but this one that we show you turns your profile into a gallery that is automatically updated.

How to turn your Instagram into an impressive web gallery
Although Instagram alone converts the profiles into a more or less interesting image gallery, the truth is that for many of those who use the platform to promote their work or have a special focus on artistic photography, but do not want to be dealing with A dedicated website to show the world your photos, the photographic social network can be a starting point.

However, Instagram customization is non-existent: profiles are the same for everyone, even for verified accounts focused on photography, so it is quite limited when using the platform as a springboard to promote content. And this is where the websites that allow you to convert the Instagram profile into the customizable gallery that goes beyond what the Facebook photography network offers, without the need to program or make a website from scratch.

In this sense, Zine seems to have hit this point: it offers a way to use Instagram to create a gallery that is automatically updated and even allows you to use your own domain. The catch is that, in reality, it is a mirror of Instagram content. To use it you need to login with our Instagram credentials, so that the gallery that is generated through Zine will be that of our profile.

For now, yes, it is only in the form of a web app, so it can be interesting if we want to use Instagram and the photos that we upload there to generate a gallery with a personalized touch. For all those who have made Instagram a promotional site, it seems that Zine is a good starting point to simplify that it offers regarding joining Insgragram with other services.

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