Oppo Reno2: asphyxiated among the competition

Oppo continues to bet on the Reno range in its European expansion. With a kind name, easy to remember and the incentive to bring Chinese technology under the arm, coupled with the firm’s efforts to make itself known in a land claimed by Xiaomi for a couple of years, the technology now tries with the Second version of these terminals without notch.

The BBK conglomerate is displaying its potential at maximum capacity today in Europe, with three brands belonging to it that want the prominence in the different market segments: the well-known OnePlus, the newcomer realme and the one that today occupy, Oppo. A trident in which all firms operate individually, and where each will do its best to attract as many customers to their personal stock market.

In this sense, Oppo began to take some interesting steps in the direction of the general public with the previous Reno, which brought with them retractable front cameras, large zoom capabilities and an experience that, in general, allowed the brand to position itself in a good place . However, the arrival of the young realme has completely changed the tables, and threatens to take ahead the attempts of her two sister companies in the Spanish market thanks to their demolition prices.

We saw it already in the analysis of the realme X2 Pro, aiming this device to compete directly with the ubiquitous Xiaomi in the combative market where it fights to pack the maximum number of specifications at the lowest possible price. Thus, Oppo has more complicated ballots due to the price of its terminals, which remains above alternatives such as those mentioned and that, facing the consumer, they will have to convince to a greater extent with the rest of their benefits. Do not fall into irrelevance.

Oppo Reno2: clear and solid commitment

Although the design of Oppo Reno2, as mentioned a few lines above, is similar to others we have seen before by the brand, it is clear the proposal to push the design section and try to provide a minimum margin of difference with respect to the that offers the rest of manufacturers. This is usually translated with some frequency into variations in the arrangement of the camera, materials and little else.

In this case, the result is the integration of the four lenses under the same rear glass panel, resulting in the entire surface being smooth. Together with the integration of the front camera in the upper frame through a motorized mechanism, the photographic section is present, but it is much less obvious than in devices such as the OnePlus 7T or the iPhone 11 Pro, which boast large modules.

Oppo Reno2

As I said, its front part is completely clear, allowing you to enjoy a 6.5-inch AMOLED panel without interruption and with a fast fingerprint reader under it. With a good contrast and a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels, the result meets expectations in the context of daily use. The same goes for the overall design of the device, which offers a compact and balanced feeling. Its weight of 189 grams, together with the resulting dimensions of said panel, place it directly on the large group of devices with a large screen and not particularly light weight.

Among those elements that share with the devices of the house realme is the customization of the operating system, which in this case comes from the hand of ColorOS 6.1. This is a layer, a tuning, that either you want or hate it, moving away from the stock version of Android to allow certain additions and change the visual experience. Although there is a progression between the different versions, for now it remains unconvinced if what we are looking for is a clean experience, free of complications and sober in its broadest sense.

One of performance and another of photography
To survive the day to day and endure the type before what needs to be faced, the Oppo Reno2 has inside the mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor, 8 GB of RAM accompanied by 128 or 256 GB of internal storage and 4,000 mAh of 20W fast charging battery. Mixed in a shaker, the resulting product is sufficient for the common of the actions that one carries out with it, from games to multitasking, but without being able to offer flavors like those we see in the high range.

Oppo Reno2

Precisely, this is one of the points where it falters with respect to the realme X2 Pro, with the latter having the most recent and powerful Qualcomm processor, the Snapdragon 855+. It is not a minor point, especially if long-term performance is taken into account, invoking again that initial thrust with which Oppo’s sister brand has reached the market.

As far as its cameras are concerned, the most interesting thing is in the rear area, with a quadruple configuration that integrates the following functions: 48 megapixel main lens (f / 1.7 aperture), 13 MP telephoto lens (f / 2.4), 8 MP wide angle (116 ° field of view) and a final monochrome lens that will help you get better results in portrait mode photographs.

Its behavior is marked to a large extent by the versatility offered by its wide angle and zoom modes, which vary between an optical 2x, a hybrid 5x and up to a digital 20x. Making use of them is simple, fast and there is no great color variation in the change between lenses, something that other devices do, such as the realme 2X Pro.

In general, there are few hits to put to the results, except for a better tonal balance in those scenes with bright colors or an HDR that allows to make use of the portrait mode without losing all the detail of the background of the image.

As for the night mode, more of the same. The one that Oppo incorporates behaves very similarly to those of the other manufacturers and, in broad terms, it is a good tool to have on hand when the ambient light is scarce. Especially notable is to be able to use this with the wide angle, it is well known that the captures with these lenses are disastrous in dark environments. In this case, they are saved thanks to this option.

The Oppo Reno2 is a terminal that is fully framed among the mid-range standards that we would have considered as evident until not so long ago, with sufficient performance, a very correct photographic experience and a pleasant design for day to day.

However, the question remains whether that is enough to compete in the current scenario against terminals of other brands that offer more for less or equal price. In a market saturated with models and manufacturers, Oppo stays halfway when recommending this device.

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