Samsung shows a new folding phone as an alternative to the Galaxy Fold

Samsung surprised in its event for developers presenting a new concept of folding phone. Its operation and interface is completely different from the Galaxy Fold.

Samsung shows a new folding phone as an alternative to the Galaxy Fold
Unexpectedly, Samsung took advantage of its developer event to present the concept of a completely different folding phone to the Galaxy Fold. Unlike the latter, the new proposal folds vertically, which would bring it closer to the supposed folding Razr that Motorola will announce on November 13.

Being open, its appearance looks very similar to traditional smartphones that continue to dominate the market. Of course, when folded drastically recurs its size to occupy less space in the pocket. From the shared images, it seems that the thickness of the device is significantly smaller compared to the Fold.

Hyesoon Jeong, head of the Samsung Research and Development team, said at the conference that the goal of the company is not only to explore a new form factor that fits in the pocket, they also intend to offer a new experience when using a smartphone. And beyond the obvious differences in hardware with respect to the Fold, the terminal also launches interface.

The terminal gets rid of the secondary panel of the Fold
In fact, as you can see in the image above that accompanies this publication, the operating system can be adapted as if a small computer was being used. When the terminal is folded at 90 degrees, the top shows a videoconference, while the bottom is responsible for offering the playback options.

Another important point to note is that the screen is perforated to give space to the front camera, a trend that Samsung itself already followed in the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10. In addition, the rear region does not incorporate a secondary panel like the Fold , so it will be necessary to open it to observe data of interest such as time and weather.

Unfortunately, the South Korean company has not shared more details. Its specifications and its possible availability are unknown. Although the Fold finally reached the market, the device continues to drag the criticism of a failed original release. The above does not mean that Samsung has thrown in the towel; This concept can probably be a second chance to compete in a newborn sector.

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