Spotify Kids: a new app for children to discover music

It is an independent app for the family plan whose content is focused on the smallest of the house.

Spotify Kids: a new app for children to discover music

Spotify is still looking for ways to expand its user base and the truth is that for some time this part is putting special focus on giving alternatives for all types of users. If the family plan, the student plan or the shared double accounts were not enough, the company has presented the new Spotify Kids, an app focused on the smallest of the house.

It is not a new subscription plan, but a new option within the family plan in the form of a separate dedicated application so that the little ones in the house can use the Spotify subscription without fear of accessing explicit content that includes many songs , and being included in the family plan, has no ads of any kind, favoring the discovery of new music.

In addition, it offers parental controls and works through the child’s specific account, so that parents or guardians do not have to set up their own account or restrict their content. In addition, it includes playlists created especially for children and is full of ‘singalongs’ and soundtracks and stories especially taken care of for their age.

At the moment it will not be available in Spain, since the company has confirmed that Spotify Kids arrives today in beta to Ireland, and then it will expand to the rest of the markets in which the Family Plan is available, but does not give a specific date.

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