Ten creepy movies to do marathon on Halloween

Halloween is the ideal date to enjoy cinematic terror and much better, if the main streaming platforms offer the most select of the most recent author cinema of the genre. Ready for a terrifying marathon among zombies, witches and mysterious creatures?

If you are a horror lover this is your favorite week: it is a celebration of the genre but and perhaps the ideal time for streaming platforms to show the best of their catalog of movies that range from classics such as Carrie, De Palma, to that Strange weirdness like Suspiria, by Luca Guadagnino.

If you want to enjoy the most sinister dates of the year with an appropriate marathon with the best of terror in all its records, we leave you a list of the ten best movies you can find.

The Alchemist Cookbook (Hulu)

With its baroque and slightly gothic air, The Alchemist Cookbook by Joel Potrykus, is a very strange version of the classic story of the mad scientist who tries to find the secret of life and death. In this case, the young and marginalized Sean (Ty Hickson) decides to isolate himself in a forest to try all kinds of experiments related to alchemy and occultism.

Of course, nothing could go well from such audacity. The result is a curious film in the middle of the sinister and well-measured doses of black humor.

Baskin (Hulu)

In Turkey, horror is related to fantastic legends and traditions that associate fear and fearsomeness with what human nature hides. On this occasion, director Can Evrenol combines what appears to be a police plot to use with a journey through ultraviolence and bloody horrors that inhabit an abandoned building.

Tragic, of a disturbing beauty and with some of the most amazing sequences for a horror film of recent years,
Baskin was compared to that little gem of the unclassifiable, as is The Human Centipede.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter (Netflix)

Osgood Perkins is good at horror movies and found Netflix the best place to prove it: The Blackcoat’s Daughter is a gothic journey through a subtle story of two students from a religious college. They suspect that the smiling religious are actually satanic.

With an impeccable atmosphere and a very rare version of good and sinister evil that hides in everyday life, Perkins manages to create an intelligent work and in spite of some script slumps and the occasional gazapo in time lines.

Body at Brighton Rock (Hulu)

Director Roxanne Benjamin has a strange sense of humor and prints it completely in this little fable of a man who is lost in a forest that he is supposed to know well. It is not a horror movie to use – we do not recommend watching it if you are looking for shocks and brave analyzes of the terrifying – but it is an ingenious twist on fear as an attempt by our mind to make sense and form of the unknown.

The best thing about the movie is that, after a good time of laughter and blows of humor, it has an unpleasant twist that is undoubtedly the best of this simple argument, which is actually much more than it shows.

Bone Tomahawk (Amazon Prime)

What happens when you combine the best of the Western genre with terror? The director S. Craig Zahler did the test and the result is an ingenious mix between a cold and hard argument, combined with the reflection on the horrors that inhabit the unknown.

With some disconcerting scenes that endow the usual elements of classic western cinema with the most modern gore, the film is a surprise because of its intelligent ability to link two apparently antagonistic genres.

Creep (Netflix)

In no list of horror worth its salt, the genre of the found fotage is missing, and this unique experiment by director Patrick Brice is not only a review of the well-known premise of audiovisual material that is in the most unlikely way to respond to the most unexpected mystery , but also an original turn to the general idea of ​​fear that is hidden in the ordinary.

With a formidable staging and intelligent use of visual resources, the film surprises with its quality of version of the horrors that human nature hides.

Evolution (Hulu)

Lucile Hadžihalilovic creates a conspiracy fantasy with twisted touches. In the story, a group of children are used for a sinister experiment in an unnamed hospital. But oddly enough, the premise is not the most shocking part of the film: in reality it is the director’s approach to the strange version of children’s horror and the construction of a claustrophobic discourse in which nothing is what it seems.

Halfway between the classic history of the haunted house and science as the ultimate tool of the terrifying, Evolution is a huge bill areza worthwhile.

Hellions (Hulu)

For director Bruce McDonald, the genre of terror is a journey through collective fears and, above all, the minimal superstitions that are part of any culture. Perhaps for that reason, his movie Hellions seems like an extravagant combination of genres and records: when a girl discovers she is pregnant in the middle of Halloween night, she will have to face the initial shock by the unexpected news and a group of supernatural murderers who come for the unborn baby

With his mix of Rosemary Baby, by Roman Polanski, with a classic slasher, McDonald’s film works like a precarious but careful balance between horror and a certain dose of twisted black humor.

Hereditary (Amazon Prime)

If you are a red bone fan of horror movies, you already know: Ari Aster’s movie became a new classic of the genre because of its reflection on grief, pain and suffering. But also for its innovative use of elements of the Horror Folk to create an unhealthy, hard and unbearable moments.

A film in the film library of any movie lover of the genre and the best selection for the inevitable marathon of Halloween.

The Hole in The Ground (Amazon Prime)

Double identities and surreal images about identity are a recurring theme in horror movies. And if, in addition, it is combined with the classic figure of the scary child, the result is as disturbing as the one offered by The Hole in The Ground, the Irish film Lee Cronin scripted with Stephen Shields, which analyzes the notion about reality and Terror as a reflection of our appetites – and existential doubts – led to a new and terrifying dimension.

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