The Best Pages to Download Free Books – ePub, eBooks, PDF.

Downloading free books in PDF, eBook and ePub has become a necessary practice for many readers and professionals. There are 2 reasons for this: the high prices of physical books and the rise of new technologies.

So let’s do it with the best pages where you can download free PDF books, ebooks and more to make your own virtual library!

Here you will find the best pages to download free eBooks, ePubs and PDF books. Also in this post we show you what an electronic book is and what are the most popular types of digital books.

Electronic books or digital books? What are they?

Electronic books, or digital books, are digital files that bring together the literary work of a specific author and can only be read through an e-reader or similar devices. Simple no?

Thanks to these you can read nonfiction or fiction books, you can read novels, poetry or academic texts, and you can buy books online or download books online for FREE, or simply read online at no cost.

But what are their types and formats? Let’s see…

Types of digital books

Many confuse the types of electronic books with digital book formats. Let’s not fall for that mistake. Here we will tell you what are the types of digital books that exist so you have a clearer idea of ​​what you want to find and download:

Linear textbooks: similar to any physical book, with paragraphs that make pages consecutively or linearly.
Audiobooks: includes only the sound of a voice that recounts the book in a recorded way and can include background music and audio effects.
Graphic books: these types of digital books combine drawings and images with texts such as cartoons, comics, photography books, etc.
Multimedia books: gather textual elements, graphics, video and are usually interactive.
Telematic books: interactive files are included here, linear or not, especially used for presentations and conferences.
These are the most emblematic types of online books. Now let’s look at the electronic book formats that concern this post.

Available formats: To download books for free or buy them it is very important that you know the most used formats. This is because some formats are not compatible with some devices, so they must be identified.

PDF books

This type of format is the most popular among readers around the world and the one with the largest volume of books on the internet. It is easy to create, share and download, although it cannot be viewed on some devices. The display is flat and without effects.

Books in TXT and DOC format

They are conventional text files that can be read in Word or in any e-reader that supports or allows the reading of non-rich texts. Although the reading experience is not so pleasant, it meets needs in many cases.

Books in ePub format

It is one of the most used formats by readers, authors and publishers, given the ability to read on numerous devices. It offers rich texts, with autonomy of elements, and they adapt automatically to the screen size of the mobile, tablet or PC.

Books in MOBI format

This type of format is a bit inflexible for readers and useful for authors. Like the ePub, it can adapt to the size of all types of screens automatically, use transition effects when turning pages, but it is more difficult to download. Although it is convertible, this type of files protects copyrights and can only be viewed on authorized devices.

Books in AZW format

This format, also from Amazon Kindle, is related to the MOBI since it covers the distribution patents of the platform and protects the reproduction and exploitation rights of the work with DRM. It is more sophisticated than MOBI and offers a richer reading experience.

Free online books have the great advantage of providing you with a library with thousands of books without taking up space in your home. The only space it would occupy is in the device memory. With 100 MB, for example, you would have a larger number of books than a good bookstore.

Read books on Smartphone, tablets and PC

These are the options most used by those who want to download books for free or look for books to read online. Who doesn’t have a smartphone, a tablet, PC, or laptop? Well, to read digital books on these devices just download the following e-reader applications or digital book readers:

To read digital books on Android or iOS. To download:

Aldiko eBook Reader (Android only).
iBooks (iOS only)
Mantano Ebook Reader.
BlueFire Reader.
Read digital books on PC and Notebook.

Microsoft Word.
Adobe Acorbat Reader DC.
Kindle PC
Microsoft Edge
ePub Reader.
Well-known types, formats, devices and applications of electronic books, it is time for us to go to the main objective of this post: the best pages to download free books in PDF, ePub and eBook of any kind.

The best pages to download free books in PDF, eBooks and ePub
Before starting this list it is important that you understand 3 issues: download books online with a margin of legality and on sites that do not engage in piracy. Remember that for the authors it is essential to protect their work and the rights they have of them.

On the other hand, some of the pages that we will show you require some type of registration, but they do not present any inconvenience in the procedure. Finally, if your reader is an Android, iOS or PC, it is recommended that you have installed an application to read digital books such as those indicated in the previous section. Let’s get started!

EpubLibre: This platform has more than 17 thousand books in all categories: classics, narrative, poetry, nonfiction books, academics, etc. It is one of the few platforms for downloading free PDF books and other formats that does not invade advertising readers, with a fast and efficient download level, in addition to the possibility of finding all kinds of formats: ePub and PDF books, The most popular internet.

In Espaebook you can download free epub in Spanish, free books onlie, free ebooks … But beware! If you are a little newbie on the internet you should watch this video to avoid falling into the publi. A perfect option to download free books without registering.

How to Download Books from Espaebooks (Very Easy).
In addition and the most notable point are its sections:

Amazon eBooks:
Before being the largest online trading platform on a global scale, Amazon was only a book store. Now it not only markets eBooks but products of all kinds. On Amazon you can not only download free books in MOBI or AZW format, but you can buy them at affordable prices.

Go to Kindle Store

To download free books on Amazon you must install the Kindle reader on your device. It is free for both Android and PC. It certainly offers a pleasant reading experience, with the possibility of qualifying and participating in virtual reading communities. The only negative is that on Amazon you cannot download PDF books online.

Downloading digital books in PDF, ePub and other formats in Library is considered a recommended option for the following figure: more than 100 thousand books are available in different categories. Literature, art, self-help, science, cooking, technique and crafts, philosophy and religion are just part of the options offered by this platform. You can filter your searches by news, results view and award-winning books. It allows you to download free pdf books without registering.

The catalog of this website is close to 30 thousand published titles. They are free, they come in several formats, and you can even have a review of the book to nourish your choices much more. It has a subscription system with which you can receive your books via email, filter searches by categories, and share your reading experiences on social networks. You can download free PDF books quickly and without complications.

One of Bubok’s most notable attributes is that authors publish their books on demand in any type of format, many of which do so to download free books online. Bubok as such is an editorial, so if you want to buy books online you can order it on the site. Here you can download free PDF books, ePub, and other formats.

Free Books:
This is one of the best pages to download free books in PDF, ePub, and eBooks of all types and with a wide margin of legality. Its interface is simple, with an acceptable loading speed, and a category browsing experience. It has the options VIP and Free Books online, where you can find titles on specific topics and literature in general.

Low ePub:
Without a doubt, a great portal that makes it one of the best pages to download free speech books ispana Here you can even download free books in Kindle format, or for Android or iOS operating systems. The main format file of this site is ePub, although other formats can be obtained. It has a community of readers on social networks, and the ability to read books online without problems.

With more than 54 thousand books, this is one of the most recommended free book download platforms among readers. It has a search interface in alphabetical order of authors, where you can view their available works and download them in PDF or ZIP files, depending on the format. It includes audiobooks, eBooks, online PDF books, and also documents of cultural and scientific interest.

Lectulandia: In this portal you can find books to read online but you can also download free PDF books in Spanish. Even for a better user experience, you can report fallen links, select the download format or if you want to read it at the moment. It has more than 33 thousand books available, with more than 13 thousand authors, and you can search them in alphabetical order. Covers distributed among the best sellers, the most commented and by novelties appear.

Download eBooks:
In this portal you can find PDF books online and in ePub and Mobi format by authors, genres and series. It also has tools, tutorials, and technical sheets of the authors and their works. Searches are done alphabetically and you can convert ePub to PDF books online. You can also report broken links and contact the website for any inconvenience.

Recommendations on the pages to download and read books for free in PDF and ePubs online
To improve your download and reading experience we recommend the following tips:

Before downloading epub or free PDF books in Spanish, identify what type of format is compatible with your device or application.
In case the link is broken or does not work, report it immediately to the web.
Organize your free PDF book downloads in folders or in the virtual libraries of your applications.

If you find an eBook not compatible with your device or application, and you need to read it, find a way to convert it online.
Comment, share and review your authors. This will help them to grow and of course to be much more visible.
With these free book download platforms and the recommendations we offer you, you can increase your experience and reading possibilities by far. The important thing is that you can get free PDF books in Spanish or other formats, but also books to read online.

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