The Best Pages to Watch Soccer Online for FREE Live

In this article you will find the best pages to watch football online for FREE live with a Trick for those who register below, pay, and even the best apps to watch football online on mobile and tablet. (Includes list of websites that do not comply with the exploitation rights to watch online games and we do not recommend using them).

The Pages where to Watch Free Online Soccer that everyone uses but should not use.
How to watch my football games online for free? Recommendations and Warnings.

✅ Paying pages to watch live football.

🥇What are the best Apps to watch football live? OFFICIALS

The interesting thing about these applications or Apps to watch your games online: is that you can not only watch the games of your favorite leagues, but also enjoy football content, statistics, reviews, calendars, etc. Here we leave you the best.
These types of websites to watch today’s matches live on the Internet have their advantages and disadvantages. As we have already said, the main problem of free online football are the transmission rights and their legal aspects. Also the sometimes irritable procedures that you have to use to comfortably enjoy a game.

But on the other hand, if you manage to adapt to their dynamics and deal with their procedures, you will have free football online without investing a penny in it. In any case, it will always be your decision and responsibility to use these types of platforms. We are not going to fill you with useless options, here we tell you what they are:


On this page you can watch all the best football games in the world for free, including the Santander League, Premier League, Europa League, Champions League, Copa Libertadores, among others. You can enjoy live and live competitions, only live, and also deferred.

Pirlo TV

This is perhaps one of the most complete, easy-to-use, and versatile options among many of the websites to watch football online for free. It has more than 20 streaming channels and you can even enjoy 2 or more games at the same time. It is a site for which you will have to avoid a bit of publicity, but even with this it represents a good alternative for emergencies.

RedDirect TV

Although you will never find it in Google’s search engines, because of the problems it has had for broadcasting rights, this page still exists and continues to broadcast the best matches of the most important leagues in the world through streaming. It also offers other sports, but its backbone is football.


Enjoy the games of the Copa del Rey, Champions League, Liga BBVA, and the main competitions in Europe with this good football streaming platform. The experience of use, once you take the pulse, is quite intuitive and well organized. An example of free quality rarely seen in the market.

Here we will be clear: if you want to enjoy the best matches of the main European leagues, as well as other sports via online, you must download the Acestream plugins before starting to use it. This is good and bad. Good because the site is one of the best, and bad because it forces you to perform an unwanted download. Does it deserve the effort? Yes, he deserves it.

☝ Watch FREE football online directly on sports websites. TRICK

Another way to watch your games completely free online is by registering on sports sports websites. Obviously, the intention of these platforms is that you play, but in the options that we will show you below you will have welcome bonuses that will not make you spend and that serve to watch your games online.

Very popular with fans looking at any price to watch the games of their favorite teams without paying any package. The welcome bonus is € 150, with which you can bet and watch your games without cuts or interruptions. And if you are lucky and want? That would be the extra gift.


Sportium is a betting website that offers the possibility of watching live football online from its platform for free with the aim of giving value and a good reason to take pleasure in your website. It also offers a very interesting gift for many.

B win Do you recognize this name? He was in the Real Madrid shirt some years ago because of his sponsor status. This makes it one of the most emblematic sports websites, where you can watch your games with an initial welcome bonus of € 200. You don’t lose anything: you bet with your own money and enjoy good football.


Pastón Register in Pastón and you will receive € 200 welcome bonus. Then ego sit down and look for the match of your choice and enjoy it. It has good streaming, no cuts, and also, if you want to earn extra money, bet with those € 200 in some competition and cross your fingers.

How to watch my football games online for free? Recommendations and Warnings.
football online
If you do not want to pay a single euro to enjoy the best football in the world, or if you cannot pay, here we tell you how to do it. We already mentioned the best pages, but now it is necessary that you take into account the following aspects:

If you do not want to waste time on complicated procedures, downloads or registrations, it is best to add a secure and reliable platform to your monthly expenses.
There are two ways to watch football for free online: via streaming or via P2P TV. Streaming is the most used way, you just need a browser with flash and start playback. With the P2P TV it is different: you must install a program and enjoy your network games with a higher level of video quality than the streaming itself.
To achieve HD playback levels and at optimal speeds, we recommend that you use a bandwidth of 3mbps or higher.

If you decide on what is completely free, keep in mind that free tends to diminish the user experience. Be patient and learn.
I personally use this web, I have already done it and it is comfortable for me.

Here we will mention the pages that offer excellent streaming services, both live and direct, and even delayed. They broadcast matches of the best leagues in the world: Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch, among others, as well as the Champions League matches.

BeiN Connect

Being one of the official sponsors of the Liga 123 and the Copa del Rey, this platform offers for fairly affordable installments matches at an HD resolution level so you can enjoy your games on SmartTv and other devices. Although its emphasis falls on Spanish football, it also transmits international competitions: Minimum price: € 9.99 per month.


Here you can not only see Liga 123 and the best of Spanish football, but also a great variety of sports. Its resolution is the highest and you can enjoy your games on devices such as Android TV, Tablet, Smartphone, PC, Apple TV, Chromecast and Samsung Smart TV. Your subscriptions can be weekly and monthly without obligation of permanence. Minimum price: € 9.99 per month and € 4.99 per week.

Orange Soccer

It is one of the most popular football websites for the quality of its services and the resolution levels of its streaming. Here you can see the matches of all the Spanish divisions, Copa del Rey, and important and classic matches of all leagues. Just like the previous ones, you can play the games on several devices. Minimum price: € 10 per month and € 20 if you want to enjoy the UEFA Champions League.

Movistar Plus

The offer of this platform is complete: local and international with a transmission level of almost all football games and programs such as Football Day or Minute 0. It has several packages among which are the Champions League, The great match, and the League 123. Its costs, although higher, are worth the investment. Minimum price: € 65 per month.

Tedi TV

The evolution of this soccer website has been increasing. It is very versatile: you can enjoy your games on PC, Smartphone, Tablets and SmartTV. It transmits the most important matches of the Spanish first division, at least 1 match of Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​all the competitions of the Copa del Rey, all of the Champions League and the main ones of the Europe League. Minimum price of the complete package: € 14.90 per month.

🥇What are the best Apps to watch football live? OFFICIALS

Undoubtedly one of the most versatile and comfortable options to watch football online is through applications for Smartphone or tablets. Here we leave you the ones we consider most prominent:

Movistar Plus: to download this App you must be a Movistar customer and have subscribed to their sports plans. You can see the Champions League, the Spanish, English, Italian league, among others.All national and international sports, you can also find it in this Movistar Plus application. It is completely legal, with transmission licenses of all levels, and you can use it as long as you are subscribed to the Movistar sports platform with its packages.
Gol Television: it has advantages of price and versatility compared to the previous option. You can see the Europa League, Spanish League, Premier League, etc.
The interesting thing about these applications or Apps to watch your games online: is that you can not only watch the games of your favorite leagues, but also enjoy football content, statistics, reviews, calendars, etc. Here we leave you the best.

Works con the Android operating system, ideal for smartphones and tablets, and we recommend it because it is safe, legal and quite versatile. His intention, in addition to offering you good games and of all caliber, is also to create fan communities. Here you have everything: from national and international leagues, to the Champions League.


Of the best Apps to see the best football and other sports, this tool is a very simple, intuitive and versatile interface, where you can search by category your favorite teams, sports and games on your Android or iOS device. It has all the power of a website at your fingertips.

In conclusion, if the football team that makes you laugh, suffer, cry and even drain your emotions plays today or will play very soon, but you can’t watch the game on the field or on TV, what do you do? Will you cross your arms? Will you leave your team, friends or the fan? Do not! For these cases, the internet offers you the best option: watch football online, live, without cuts, and with the same passion as always!

We have offered you the best pages to watch football online for free, without the need to keep your shirt on, beers, face painted and friends asleep on the couch because you couldn’t watch the game. Also here we are fans and as such we know the type of soccer websites you need, but also what exactly it is and how to make you watch your games live online. Are you ready? Let’s start then.

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