The Xiaomi Mi Watch sees the light and reveals its great resemblance to the Apple Watch

Xiaomi’s first smartwatch, the Mi Watch, takes inspiration from Cupertino’s firm.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch sees the light and reveals its great resemblance to the Apple Watch
Xiaomi will officially enter the field of smart watches next week with the presentation of its Mi Watch. Although so far some of its subsidiary firms, such as Amazfit, already had such devices, this will be the first time we see one manufactured and marketed directly by the popular Chinese manufacturer.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch, as usually happens with the signature devices, has already been seen through its official channels, allowing you to take a look at both its appearance and some of the specifications that the terminal will have . In this way, the brand offers a first look at its particularities before its presentation on November 5.

Xiaomi Mi Watch

Among the latter, for example, highlights the inclusion of Wi-Fi, GPS and an option to have eSIM to receive calls and messages without depending on the smartphone. Inside you will also have the Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor.

Notable similarities

In a movement that has long ceased to amaze in the case of Xiaomi, the watch projects an appreciable similarity with the Apple Watch, a market reference in terms of sales and, as we have seen on previous occasions, also in relation to design. In the absence of knowing its interface, the Mi Watch will have a rectangular format, with a distribution that locates the crown and a button on its side and has interchangeable straps to customize the device according to the day.

With an unknown price on the air, the Mi Watch is positioned as a solid terminal in the Xiaomi line and fits perfectly with the company’s expansion in as many segments as possible. After the great success with his Mi Band over the years, the jump to the smartwatches was a long-awaited movement by the followers of the firm that, finally, has a concrete date to become a reality.

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