Where and How to Download Audiobooks Free

In this post, in addition to reviewing the main features of an audio book, you will find information on sites to download free audiobooks in Spanish, as well as English audiobooks, audio discounts, youtube audiobooks, and many more free and paid online book options, so you can enjoy from the best classics to the news of your favorite authors.

Audiobooks have a privileged place within the full range of options presented by unconventional literature.

Its boom is because you can download free or paid audiobooks online, you can do it in its full or reduced versions, and what is better, you can play them on any device that supports the most emblematic sound files. It is more comfortable and fun for most users to listen to a book instead of reading it.

On the other hand, compared to traditional electronic books and physical books, the audiobook has the advantage that it can be heard anytime, anywhere.

You can also listen to an audiobook without any problem while doing your daily life, as if you were listening to a radio program, a song, or the news of the news while you prepare breakfast.

The audiobook or audiobook is an oral narration told aloud by one or more interpreters. This voice can be produced by the same author, or by amateur actors, benders or producers.

For users this type of books can be used to inform or learn about a particular topic, but it also has entertainment or informational purposes, and even, they are usually used to practice a language and serve to help people with visual difficulties.

Among the most characteristic elements is the fact that an audiobook can contain music, sound effects, dramatizations to various voices, and a whole repertoire of sound resources that further enrich the text.

🏷️ Formats and devices for audiobooks

There is no single format nor a single device to record and listen to audiobooks. In the beginning, audiobooks used to be recorded on magnetic tapes or vinyl records. Today, in the digital era, audiobooks are often found in the following formats: mp3, aac, wma voice, m4b, or mpeg-4.

βœ”οΈ How to play an audio book?

To play audiobooks, the user has a wide range of options. If for example you have an analog audio-count or a self-help text, you can listen to it on record players or cassette players. In the case of the mp3 format, devices such as the car’s sound player, computer, smartphone, or any digital audio player is more than enough. In the case of the m4b and mpeg-4 formats, you can listen to them in programs such as iTunes or VLC.

For the commercialization and distribution of free online and paid audiobooks, the most used files are streaming or download files. In addition, among other media on the market, the specialized device for Playaway audiobooks stands out. You can even count on Google Home or Amazon Echo to read you an audiobook, in the same way as with Kindle Ebooks.

🎧 Download Free Audiobooks Online

The Internet is the main source of free and paid audiobooks. Of course, you can also find them in conventional libraries, bookstores or publishers dedicated to the creation, distribution and placement of the best audiobooks.

I emphasize the Internet for being the platform par excellence where you can find free audiobooks to download. Without a doubt, even when there are even specialized physical stores for the commercialization of this type of works, they have had to be accompanied by websites for sales or distribution of all types of online books.

This has allowed a greater diffusion of classics and novelties of audiobooks, but also a greater popularity and constant growth of a market that to date is considered relatively little exploited. The Internet makes it possible for many authors to create their own audiobooks without having to have the book printed or in eBook. It is a form of expression that, as we have already said, has practical and didactic utilities for lovers of literature, not only fiction but also non-fiction.

🎯 Where to download free audiobooks in Spanish?

Beyond that Spanish is one of the most spoken languages ​​in the mIn addition, it has numerous literary works that have marked important milestones in universal literature. On the internet there are numerous pages where you can download free audiobooks in full Spanish, of any genre, even audiobooks abbreviated by chapters.

Here we will make a list of the best sites where you can find not only audiobooks in Spanish, but also free online books.

The best pages to download free audiobooks:


Of the best options to download complete audiobooks for free in Spanish, iVoox offers a wide repertoire of radio podcasts, narratives, stories, conferences, fiction and nonfiction literature, all to be played in streaming or through downloads on devices such as Computer and mobile phones. It is a portal without a doubt very versatile, because you not only have the option to make use of its collections but also to upload any type of audio without storage limit.


With Archive.org you can listen to audiobooks and poetry recordings for free. This online audiobook library offers mp3 and digital recordings.


Listen to thousands of audiobooks, from bestsellers to universal classics: the most impressive novels or the most fabulous biographies


The productions of sonolibro are made by means of dramatizations of literary character in audio, in the voices of actors that double the voice (dubbing). The audiobooks made by them are accompanied by music, special effects that give it a special touch, makes them different from the traditional ones. And their works are fun and enjoyable, they make us have a beautiful experience of literature. How not to prefer this interaction of human voices (not robotized) and effects that allow us to feel that we are living history while doing daily activities?


Here you can subscribe only with your email and enjoy free and paid Spanish audiobooks. One of its main attractions is that you can download complete free audiobooks by title, author, and even by the voice of a specific speaker. It has catalogs in alphabetical order, guides and services.

Electronic Library of the Cervantes Institute

In this site you can find complete free audiobooks in Spanish, of classical authors, contemporary narrative, works on children’s thinking and literature. For this you must register as a user of the library and read its conditions of use. The authority of the Cervantes Institute for books and reading, makes this site a good place to find audiobooks in Spanish of excellent quality and with professional finishes.


Here are free audiobooks to download during the one month period. It has more than 1000 audiobooks in Spanish that can be heard in streaming or through downloads. In Audiomol you can even order audiobooks that are sent on CD or mp3, but it also has a distribution service for libraries or libraries.


Among the free online audiobook pages, Albalearning stands out for the number of titles and authors that make it up. You can find complete free audiobooks in Spanish on the following topics: romance, humor, childish, erotic, mystery, nonfiction, poetry and even videobooks.


Undoubtedly, this is one of the most representative and busiest pages to download free audiobooks and podcasts. Collect information from other websites, heading towards them, but also review the works by their content and author. You can browse categories, authors, and even find a space dedicated to audio marketing.


The giant of the production and exhibition of videos also offers a wide repertoire of Youtube Audiobooks. You can find in this site free audiobooks in full Spanish, as well as by chapters or fragments, even classic and contemporary audiobooks. You can download free audiobooks online through download pages, or you can listen to them on the same platform.

πŸ’‚ Where to download audiobooks in English?

Audiobooks in English are sought not only by English-speaking readers, but are very popular for those who are learning the language or need to exercise it. Even for the most scholarly or sophisticated, these audiobooks become a passion when Shakespeare lovers, for example, want to hear this author in their original language or not in translations.

In the following list you can find books in English with free audio, but you can also find extensive repertoires in Spanish.


This is one of the most emblematic sites on the Internet to get audiobooks in English and Spanish for free. They are public domain works, carried out by volunteers with a very professional level, and organized in catalogs by author, title and genre. You can listen to them in streaming, but also download them to play them on mobile phones, computer or copy them to CD.


If you are one of those looking for audiobooks to learn or exercise English as a language, Lit2Go is one of the best options. Here you can download free audiobooks through a collection of history and poems in mp3 format. But you can also have summaries, quotes, playing time and word count for each of the texts. And this is not the most interesting: Lit2Go offers you reading strategies and the possibility to download the audiobook in English in PDF format as a complementary reading material.

Loyal Books

The English audiobooks you will find on this site are in the public domain. Loyal Books offers you an easy-to-use navigation level, with more than 1000 titles in all genres and categories, but also a list of the 100 most downloaded audiobooks. It is a platform to download free online books, whether audiobooks or eBooks.

Internet Archive

This is an English audiobook platform that uses digital audio files from sites such as LibriVox, Naropa Poetics Audio Archive and Project Gutenberg. You can download free audiobooks online, audiocount, poetry and the best complete audiobooks of different authors and genres.

Amazon Audible

Amazon is known as one of the most important online book platforms. In this case, the Audible platform offers a good number of audiobooks in English and Spanish, both from classical and contemporary authors. It is a good option to buy books online and be aware of news and trends.

Types of audiobooks

Most audiobooks are classified according to their media, type of sound and extension of the work. In the case of media you could find the following types: vinyl records, cassette, CD, digital audio files.

For the type of sound you would have: audiobooks that only have real voices of people (author or interpreters), as well as those that in addition to voices have effects and music, as well as those that are made with electronic voices through a computer program.

And finally the extension, where you can find abbreviated audiobooks or those that are complete, that is, complete and that respect the text word by word.

πŸ₯‡ The best audiobooks

In the publishing world there are as many readers as tastes and preferences. Readers of physical or electronic books, for example, often consider a good book not only for the quality of its content or author, but also for the type of paper, size, cover or digital design. In the case of audiobooks, the same thing happens: there are a variety of predilections.

However, when you have to download free or paid online books, it is important that you consider the following aspects that could define a good audiobook:

Who recounts the text must have good diction, a tone suitable for the content, which is not heard too flat or too exaggerated; that respect the punctuation marks to mark rhythm and speed of reading.

If there is a musical background, that it has the right volume and that it is never above the voice of the announcer.

Do not abuse sound effects or misplaced dramatizations. These elements should complement and nourish the audiobook, never damage it.

Do not be confused with a soap opera. It is a spoken book, but a book at last.

That is pleasant to hear it and that does not abound in sound distractions that may divert the user’s attention.

Although audiobook downloads have generated controversy in many readers because of the tendency they have to displace traditional books, we must not deny that it is a powerful tool to maintain permanent contact with the world of books and reading . An audiobook in Spanish about Don Quixote, may even arouse interest in looking for Cervantes’ paper book.

Times change for both readers and writers.

Download free or paid audiobooks can be used for those readers who have little time or multiple occupations, and also for those authors who need to develop their marketing strategies.

Without a doubt, technologies make things more comfortable. But beyond the preferences and tastes of the reader, this type of work can complement the readers’ experience with their favorite authors. Internet is available to everyone and surely through the web you can enrich your experience through the many options it offers.

How do you write Audio books or Audiobooks?

The correct and most widespread way of writing it is audiobooks, although given the volume of information present online when you are looking to download audio books you will also find results that search.

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